Nov 1, 2016

ExtremeWireless - BYOD Lab - 3

Integration with ExtremeManagement 

To configure the wireless controller for ExtremeManagement Integration, we need to configure ad Administration Account on the Wireless Controller and enable and configure SNMP v3 on the wireless Controller 

Admin Account

ExtremeManagement use the controller's CLI to retrieve required information, such as client reports and to configure the managed controllers. Therefore, we need to create Full Administrator account and then click Add User

SNMP V3 Configuration

For ExtremeManagement, the wireless controller must have the appropriate SNMP configuration. 
We recommended that to use SNMPv3 due to security.

You could use the following CLI commands to confirm your setting show users show snmp

Launching ExtremeManagement

Launch the ExtremeManagement Center, you could use the browser by using and click Console 


On Console, create SNMP and CLI Authentication credentials for the wireless Controller in order to add the device to ExtremeManagement Database. The SNMP Credentials MUST have the same configuration with SNMP setting on Wireless Controller  

The CLI Credentials MUST have the same configuration on Wireless Controller for Admin account  

Create the Device Access Profile for Wireless controller , by combining the SNMP and CLI Credential 

We could use the same way to create the Device Access Profile for Extreme Network Access Control (NAC)

The next step, we need to add Wireless Controller and NAC into Extreme Management. In the Console window, right click on My Nework and select Add Device, put ip address of wireless controller and select Profile for wireless controller, click OK

Using the same way, we could add NAC into ExtremeManagment. 

If all of steps work well, ExtremeManagement should be displayed Wireless Controller NAC as up and running as Green Icon

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